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Pentair has made some significant design changes to the IntelliChlor Salt Cell.  In my opinion they’ve simplified the front control panel although the verdict is out as to technical changes that have been released.

I’ve been seeking a HOW TO calibrate the IntelliChlor and my sources at Pentair provided this Field Calibration Guide.  Of course, I thought it would be helpful to pass along to our readers.

Apparently this calibration is only applicable to older models as the newer models “do not require calibration”.  This last statement will require further confirmation.  The following calibration

guide is intended for older units that fall below Version 1.9.  To determine the version of your IntelliChlor Salt Cell flip the cell over and look for the label stamped with a bar code.  Look to the bottom left corner of that sticker to identify the version number (see picture).  Chances are…

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