Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 3.26.23 PMPENTAIR AQUATIC SYSTEMS ANNOUNCES the First Pumps in the Industry to Receive ENERGY STAR CERTIFICATION-Additional Variable Speed and 2-Speed Models are Undergoing CERTIFICATION Testing

Pentair Aquatic Systems is the first pool pump manufacturer in the industry to receive ENERGY STAR Certification on four of its variable speed/flow pumps-IntelliFlo® Variable Speed Pumps, IntelliFlo® VF pumps, IntelliFlo® VS+SVRS pumps, and IntelliPro® VS+SVRS pumpsTesting is still ongoing on other Pentair variable-speed and two-speed pumps and anticipated to run through the end of March.IF VFO

This is very exciting news for the pool industry…and particularly for Pentair who approached ENERGY STAR in 2008 about the energy savings potential of variable-speed pool pumps.

We will immediately begin applying ENERGY STAR labels at the factory on these qualified products. As we receive notification from the testing laboratory of additional Pentair and Sta-Rite pumps passing the Certification process, we will advise you accordingly.

While labels may not be applied to products manufactured and shipped to dealers prior to the testing certification date, you may advise your customers that the above models ARE ENERGY STAR qualified. A list of ENERGY STAR Certified Pumps can be found at It may be a few days before these pumps are posted on the ENERGY STAR website.

To help you promote the savings of ENERGY STAR certified pumps, Pentair is developing a series of point-of-sale materials. You will receive notice of availability upon delivery to our fulfillment center.

CLICK HERE for a copy of our Press Release which has been submitted to all swimming pool trade media. A Consumer Release is also in process and will be distributed shortly.

These Pentair ENERGY STAR Certified pumps will deliver greater savings to your customers…and more profits to you.
Best regards,   

Carlos Del Amo
Vice President of Global Marketing

Pentair Aquatic Systems




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