Today we drained a swamp or what was originally a pretty pool about 15 years ago.  The client was convinced by a close acquaintance to PAINT their pool with some type of rubberized paint coating.  The problem is and will always be that any product that is applied to a pool surface that “floats” over the top will never “bond” to the surface.  See pictures below:

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Chip Out Solution

There are far better alternatives to paint products.  The two that immediately come to mind are the traditional “Chip-Out” and the new up-in-coming solution called the “X-Bond Solution” from Semco.

Chip-outs as they are typically referred to involve literally chipping out 1″-3″ deep pieces with either a jack hammer or air chisel.  The results look like the image to the left.  The trade-off with a chip out is it is very dusty and disruptive to both the homeowner and all the neighbors in the surrounding area.  This little known fact is often never a part of the conversation with the sales representative that introduces the options to the homeowner.

The results are beautiful after 5 days and the warranty is generally 7 years for white plaster, 10 years for plaster with additives (quartzite) and 12 years with integral pebbles (Pebbletech or similar look  products).  The key to a new plastered pool is BRUSHING everyday for 30 days.  If you have a salt pool it is recommended NOT TO ADD SALT for at least 30 days after the water has been added to give the surface a chance to cure.  For those with a pool service, please inform your service that they will need to brush the ENTIRE SURFACE (both walls and floor) on each service day.  ALL OTHER DAYS, you guessed it Mr. & Mrs. Homeowner…your on the hook for brushing those outstanding days.  (Another FACTOID the sales representative forgot to mention in the final discussions during the paperwork process.)

X-Bond Solution from Semco

Semco X-Bond Solution

Another method that is getting some buzz in the industry is the X-Bond Solution from Semco.  Semco is a manufacturer out of Las Vegas, NV that has taken the pool industry by storm.  They’ve created a product that actually forms a linked molecular bond with the substrate (concrete in the pool) to build a surface that withstands both the harsh pool chemicals and the aggressive nature of H2O.

Results are amazing and the best part is there is NO DEMOLITION and NO DUST.  The cementatious product is pulled over the surface with a trowel for a solid colored look OR applied by a hopper gun to give a flecked look similar to pebbletech.  The surface carries a 15 year  warranty and has significant advances to other solutions as it HAS NO PORES for algae and dirt to collect.   The catch 22 is finding an authorized contractor  in your area that has been certified in the application of Semco Modern Surfaces.  Red Square is the only certified pool company in Las Vegas, NV to offer this solution to Residential Community.  We’ve been using Semco’s products for over 3 years now and can attest to the durability and ease of maintenance of the X-Bond Solution.

Vaughn Berger
Red Square Pools
(702) 530-7331

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