Last week we were called by a client complaining about poor circulation.  We scheduled a site visit to diagnose the issue.  Normally the guilty party can be one or a combination of the following:

  • Air breach on the SUCTION SIDE of the filter pump (cracked plumbing, Jandy valve gaskets)
  • Air breach in on the RETURN side of the filter pump
  • Leaks due to old O-RINGS and/or SEAL GASKETS in the filter pump
  • Filter pump requires REPLACEMENT due to EOL (End of Life).

But today’s post points to OTHER CULPRITS.  Over the course of many years, homeowners decide to eliminate optional UPGRADES they’ve added to their system in the past.  Pressure-Side Cleaners, water features, chlorine towers, chlorine generators, POOL FROG® Mineral Reservoir are all examples of ADD-ONS or UPGRADES that require the occasional maintenance or repair.  In an effort to save money, some homeowners decide to simply stub off or cut out certain UPGRADES without considering how it may affect future circulation.  Consider the picture below as one example:

In the picture above I’ve circled several issues:

  • The older style JANDY VALVES require lube injected from the outside.  The lube port becomes brittle and eventually breaks off often causing an AIR BREACH.
  • The Jandy Energy Filter was leaking due to cross threading (this is a miniature filter for the pressure side Floor Cleaner  called the JANDY-Ray-Vac)
  • The plumbing leaving the top end of the pump (pressure-side) had numerous leaks as well as multiple outlets that slowed circulation flow from pump to filter.

In the end, we re-plumbed the pump with a direct flow right to the filter, eliminating the Jandy Energy Filter completely from the system, removing the Jandy valve with a 90 degree elbow and removing the 3/4″ faucet.  From the filter we re-plumbed directly to a new Jandy NeverLube and eliminated the crazy loop and the old style Jandy valve.

The end result was simplified plumbing and better circulation.  The customer chose a line side suction alternative using the skimmer port for a new Hayward Pool Vac XL to assist in cleaning the floor bottom while the filtration pump is in operation.

Vaughn Berger
Red Square Pools

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