In January 2012 I met a guy in my local Tips Club here in Las Vegas, NV.  He introduced himself as the owner of a SEO-like company that leverages Google Maps to promote local business’.  Having spent a significant chunk of money on leveraging Google Adwords and alternative PPC (Pay Per Click) I was somewhat intrigued.  After the meeting, I pulled him aside to get the 411 on what his approach was regarding Google and in particular his thoughts on leveraging Google Maps.

As a side note, I get called daily from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies promising me top ranking and major clicks to increase my business exposure and ultimately fatten my bottom line.  The issue I’ve had with the “SEO Model” is purely economics.  Why should I commit to a 12 month contract for $800-2200 per month with absolutely no guarantee?  My marketing dollars are always available IF I can realize a “reasonable return”.    For my business model, a reasonable return may be a ROI (Return On Investment) of roughly 3-6 months depending on the marketing strategy.

Bottom Line, I signed up with the program with a month to month agreement.  Within 2 weeks I had first page exposure and my phone hasn’t stopped ringing.  I must admit I am a ‘bit of a doubting Thomas these days with everyone claiming they have the inside scoop on leveraging the internet.    See for yourself,..Google this, “Summerlin Pool Cleaning“.  If you click on the links you’ll likely find 3-7 links at any given time referencing “Red Square, Summerlin Cleaning, 702-530-7331, Summerlin Repair, Las Vegas Cleaning, etc.”  all which point to me….ALL ON THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE!!!!!

If you are interested in learning more, reach out to me in email ( and I can point you in the direction of the guy that helped my business get top ranking in Google Search Engines and Google Maps.

NOTE:  Here are some other resources I found that may be helpful for you.

Vaughn Berger
Red Square Group LLC
(702) 530-7331

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