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Hi Pool Guy,
I have a broken locking knob on one of my Jandy valves (I may have tightened it too much which I will never do again!).  It isn’t a huge problem but annoying.
You say I can heat a screwdriver and melt a crease; then come back and unscrew. I will try this.
<Blog reference from post on July 25, 2011 –  “Repairing Jandy Valves”
However, if I need to drill a small hole in the center and try to extract I have one question. Does the locking knob itself, in any way, seal in water for the valve? I am afraid that if I drill a small hole in the lodged screw that all of a sudden I will have water leaking everywhere. My thought is that it doesn’t hold or seal water since they are removable and I would be OK if I didn’t drill down further than the stem.
Thanks Pool guy!


Thank you for the question.  The post of the Jandy knob is roughly 3/4″ long.  If you have another Jandy on the system, I’d unscrew and use as a template if you choose to drill.  YES, if you go too deep with the drill bit you may create an air breach.
Good news is…if you end up getting completely fed up with the process, run over to your local pool store and pickup another unit for roughly $69.  Pull the post & lid & 3 gaskets from the new valve and replace the broken item(s).  By the time you’ve attempted to make this repair, a trip to the local retail pool store would have put this job in the out box ;).
Best wishes on the repair.  If you’re local to Las Vegas, give us a call on Monday and we’d be happy to schedule a site visit to remedy the issue.  Happy Holidays!
Vaughn Berger (The Pool Guy)
Red Square Pools
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 530-731


I had an issue with one of my Jandy valves and a short email or 2 later and I was done with the job. Thanks for the help! A class A outfit.



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