I get this question over and over at the front-end of every pool season each year.  We’ve blogged about solar heating in the past, however we’ve never touched on the question ” When should I turn ON solar heating on for my swimming pool?”.  Here’s a recent email I submitted to this exact question from one of our customers.

Mr. Customer,
In my opinion, I think we are much closer to opening the pool season next week.  With prevailing high winds and evening temps averaging 53 degrees F there is a heck of a delta from evening to day time.  When evening temps stay above 65 degrees F there’s a better chance for capturing heat in the pool.  The perfect swimming conditions hover between 80-85 degrees F.  There are additional factors that promote miles of smiles in your swimmers that can’t be ignored. If ambient temperatures are above 90+ degrees, the sun is beaming and the wind is not blowing these factors are ALSO just as important to the perfect swimming conditions.  In my experience, this point may not be an issue if your between the ages of  3-14 years of age.  My son seems to have an internal temperature gauge that has no problem with those cooler temperatures as long as there’s a pool to enjoy ;).
The 10 day forecast calls for an average of 70 degrees F for at least 12 hours (9am-9pm).  The sun is most intense around 2pm and pump needs to be operational from 9am-9pm to capture ambient temp and radiant heat from the roof-top.  
Here’s a trick that may be helpful.  Run over to your local pool store (i.e. Leslie’s or NPS)  and ask for the EcoSavr Liquid Solar Cover Fish.  This liquid forms a barrier on the top of the water that keeps roughly 70% of heat in the pool and inhibits evaporation.  This may be the trick to opening as well as extending your pool season.
Happy swimming this year!  Don’t forget to send us your questions and we will get those answers that are likely sought by you as well as others out there.
Vaughn Berger
Red Square Pools
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 530-7331

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