You’ve all been waiting for it, that’s right it’s “SUMMER TIME in SUMMERLIN”.  Here in Las Vegas we’ve seen our weather getting progressively warmer and the evenings are no longer dipping below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. One thing that is an absolute must before opening your pool for Summer 2012 is be aware of the changes in the season from Winter to Summer.

The air is filled with pollen from pine trees and it is being distributed by the wind.  Before you ditch reading this article be aware that your pool is a GIANT COLLECTION RECEPTACLE and is likely filled with all sorts of organic matter that needs to be addressed sooner than later.  With the increase in sunny days and the warmer temperatures your pool is far more likely to turn green right underneath your nose.  So here are tips that should save you the headache and expense of combating algae spore growth.

#1.  Test your water chemistry.  If you’ve been procrastinating through the Winter months on checking the pH, Chlorine and Alkalinity levels…well it’s time to kick it in gear.  Save the multiple trips back and forth to the retail pool store and buy an inexpensive Test Strip Kit.  These kits run about $10.00 – 15.00 and come with 50-100 strips to test your pool chemicals.  Remember, only reason the retail pool store offers FREE WATER TESTING is to SELL YOU STUFF.  Take my word for it, buy yourself a test strip kit and you’ll save both time and money traveling to the store.

#2.  Add Water Clarifier.  This is a neat product.  It comes in liquid form and actually bonds all the small microscopic debris floating in your pool/spa.  Water Clarifier forms clumps that are easily filtered out of your water before water is returned to the pool/spa.

#3.  Clean Your Filters.  If you chose to apply tip #2, this is the absolute  next important step to keeping your pool from turning into the green monster.  Yes, cleaning filters can be messy and time-consuming.  However, did you know that by cleaning your filters you can save $$money in electricity?  Strange right, but True!  If the pump has to work harder forcing water through the clogged pores of a filter, the pump will be less efficient, forcing it to burn more electrical current.  Take the time to clean the filters and you’ll have cleaner water while saving money.  Pay close attention to the general wear and tear of your filters and be prepared to replace if necessary.  The typical cartridge filters range from $85 -100/each depending on the model.

Hopefully these few tips will be helpful in starting your pool for this Summer.  If you ever have any questions just drop me an email at or call (702) 530-7331.

Red Square Pools offers maintenance and repair services for Southern Nevada including Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin and Green Valley.


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