I came across this post on a random message board this morning asking “Can anyone recommend a GREAT pool service in Las Vegas?”.  The post was recently “flung into the internet” as  I can only imagine a point of desperation on the part of the home owner.  He was dissatisfied and frustrated with the overall “quality of service” and the “expense of maintaining a pool”.

This got me thinking about how SERVICE COMPANIES in general are perceived these days.  

If you rely on service companies to maintain your property you likely have some expectations and requirements that must be met before you decide to choose a service.  You may have developed these expectations based on services or LACK OF SERVICES received from former companies you’ve hired in past.  There has to be a credibility established from the beginning, giving you the satisfaction that said service is professional, trust worthy and will continue to provide a consistent level of exemplary service throughout the relationship.  

I think the key I’ve learned to the service business is COMMUNICATION.  Without a proper channel of communication in place, neither the service professional or the homeowner really has any way of maintaining a proper level of satisfaction.  For example, I have a team that services our customer’s pools and I make it a point to be on site at least every 2-3 months.  What I’ve found is most are homeowners are not at home or unavailable for discussion.  As a secondary approach, I’ve asked for feedback via appointment, email, phone or posts on third-party websites like YELP.com or Google.com to solicit feedback.  Only a select few have taken the time to respond back.  I continue to send this query out on a quarterly basis to let the customers know of my interests in their candid feedback to help improve our level of services.  As a service professional, I can only HOPE that NO NEWS is GOOD NEWS!   I will continue to reach out to our customers to develop and maintain a proper channel of communication.

Here’s a possible ANSWER to the QUESTION originally posted by the frustrated home owner:

The problem with pools service companies today DO NOT OFFER customers any feed back on proper maintenance outside of skimming and vacuuming pools. Unless you are dealing with a PROFESSIONAL pool company that is looking to develop a long term relationship with the homeowner, many of these tips get overlooked.

Pool ownership can be a wonderful thing if you keep up the maintenance. Lets face it, if you ran your car without changing the fluids it would eventually stop operating.  Consequently, Leaks, noisy equipment, calcium deposits and cloudy water are ONLY a few of the symptoms that need to be addressed IMMEDIATELY! Little problems become EXPENSIVE PROBLEMS down the road. If your present pool service is ignoring these problems FIRE THEM ASAP as their negligence is going to cost you possibly thousands of dollars down the road. If your service is suggesting a repair ask them to explain and point out the problem. Most repairs are fairly intuitive and issues are clearly evident simply using your 5 senses.

Consider these points with your present or perspective pool service:

1. Replacing the outdated 2 HP Pump with a variable speed pump can lower your electricity bill roughly $50-75/per month. The ROI on this pump is an estimated 14 months.

2. Filter cleaning can also save you money as dirty filters stress the pump causing it to be less efficient and draw more wattage.

3. Replace outdated filters. Lets face it, the average cartridge filters are $85/ea and yes they are expensive. However, proper maintenance of your filters will increase their longevity and save you money in the long run.

4. Consider Draining your pool every 3 years. If you are constantly removing landscaping debris in the pool these organics EAT UP pool chemicals. More organics leads to adding more chemicals which means adding more TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) to the water. Water high in TDS eventually can become unresponsive to standard chemicals requiring excessive amounts to maintain pool chemistry. Water’s cheap in Las Vegas….DRAIN THE POOL.

5. On the topic of landscaping, consider pruning trees and plants that shed flowers, leaves and/or pollen. Landscaping needs to maintained just as much as pool maintenance as they go hand in hand.

Red Square Pools offers maintenance and repairs serving Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin and Green Valley. We offer a range of services including pool cleaning, equipment repair, tile cleaning, deck and pool restoration. We offer references upon request and warranty all of our work. We are in the people business earning our customers loyalty every week and on every project.

ATTENTION “DIY’ers” – If you’re a DIY kind of guy or gal give Red Square Pools a call and they’ll give you a step by step instruction on how to best maintain your pool and spa. We charge $85.00 for a 2 hour visit providing you all the tips on how to maintain your pool. We also will identify problems that should be addressed to improve the longevity of your equipment.

Ask for references!! Call for Vaughn Berger (702) 530-7331 or email me at Vaughn@RedSquarePools.com


About Red Square Pools

Thank you for checking out our blog...we appreciate you taking the time to read our posts. To be quite honest, our posts come from your questions. Red Square Pool's wants to clear up the confusion and frustration of maintaining your pool and spa. We simply want to make Pool Maintenance and Repair SIMPLIFIED!! Let us know what your thinking by dropping us an email at info@redsquarepools.com. Have a safe and happy swimming experience!

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  1. I can recommend http://www.aquarite.net for great pool service in Melbourne FL but idk anyone in Vegas.

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