What is the best method to begin approaching the purchase of a swimming pool?  

Like any investment of this size, it is critical that you take your time in making decisions. Following are some tips to help get you started on the proper path when purchasing a swimming pool:

1. Look at as many pools as you can—It is often a good idea to visit your friends’ swimming pools, visit pool stores, or go to an outdoor furniture store for motivation and to get ideas.  Outdoor furniture stores often have displays that make it easier to visualize your future backyard.  It is also a good idea to purchase a swimming pool magazine (such as Pool & Spa Living) or other backyard magazine and get ideas of what you want your backyard to look like.  In addition, the internet has endless photographs of swimming pools and other backyard features.   As you see things that you like, make a list of them. 

2. Discuss the project with your family—It is important that the pool meets your particular needs.  Such items as the following should  be considered.

  • Pool placement in the yard
  • Game pool or diving pool
  • Pool only or pool with spa
  • Traditional look or tropical look
  • Decorative water features
  • Patio area for table and lounge chairs

3. Get a copy of your plot plan (also called survey plan) – This is a legal drawing of your property and is usually with your mortgage papers.  It typically shows where the house is located on your property which will help determine how much backyard space that you have available.  Often times easements and building setbacks will limit the backyard space that is available. 

4. Make some drawings of your ideas—This is optional, but many people find it enjoyable to make some of their own drawings before hiring a designer.  It is best to draw a scaled drawing, which makes the features relative size to each other.  A scale ruler and graph paper can be purchased at most office supply or art stores.  You can take the space that is shown on the plot plan and transfer it to your graph paper using either ¼” or 1/8” scale.  On the drawing, include the fence, the back of the house, existing patios, trees, and anything that you want to keep.   After you have some ideas of what you want and where you want it, it is time to visit pool companies to continue the planning process.

There are clearly many factors to consider when selecting the proper swimming pool for your situation—but proper planning and preparation will assure you that you get what fits your needs, yard, and budget.

Source: Matt Gohlke, Gohlke Pools. http://gohlkepools.com/index.html

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