On Dec 22, 2011, at 4:17 AM, jekloh wrote:

Hi Vaughn,
I am Jerry from Sydney and asked for help with the valves that was leaking. With the knowledge I got from your articles I have temporarily fixed the Valve problem. My next problem occurring now is that no matter how hard I try the pool water is always cloudy. After all the hard work I put in to cleaning the pool , the water returning into the pool is cloudy. I think I might need to replace the spider gasket of my main jandy valve and was wondering if it is the culprit for this cloudy water in my pool. I have used all the different chemicals to help clear the water but somehow little dirt particles keep coming back through the filter.


Great to hear from you again. Cloudy (or “turbid”) water can be the result of improper water chemistry, particulates in the water, dirty filters, poor circulation, old water, etc. Consider the following steps in eliminating your problematic cloudy water.

1. REPLACE YOUR WATER. If water is over 3-4 years old, pump out old water and refill with new water. Water that is chemically treated over several years has increased levels of TDS (total dissolved solids). TDS is the waste byproducts of chemicals in your pool. If TDS levels are high, water becomes unresponsive to weekly chemical regimen. Pool owners typically try to compensate for this lack of response by adding MORE chemicals thereby adding to the overall problem. Test strips are available to determine levels of TDS.

2. TEST WATER CHEMISTRY. Kits come in two forms: tester strips or vile/chemical kits. Once you’ve confirmed your water is balanced, proceed to next step.

3. CLEAN FILTRATION SYSTEM. Dirty filters are the biggest culprit when the water is cloudy. Filters should be cleaned or back washed every 2-4 months depending on the environmental conditions in your area. Wind, rain, pollen, bather waste, etc. all contribute to cloudy water. If you have a DE filter consider dismantling to confirm ribs in filters are intact (not broken or filter fabric not torn). Hose all filters clean and add additional DE if applicable. .

4. POOR CIRCULATION. Inspect your equipment for leaks and drips. If equipment is not water tight this can contribute to poor circulation and improper filtration. Identify problem areas and have repairs made immediately by a pool professional. Confirm that your psi readings are favorable based on your filter manufactures recommendations. Old seals, orings and gaskets (I.e. spider gasket) should always be replaced and properly lubricated to preserve integrity of rubber. Telltale signs for gasket replacement are leaks and drips.

5. WATER CLARIFIER. If particles remain in your pool due to excessive wind and debris in air, try using a water clarifier. This water additive essentially bonds dirt and debris in water making it far easier for your pool filter to trap.

Hope these pointers assist you in your questions regarding the cloudy conditions of your pool water. MERRY CHRISTMAS and safe swimming in the NEW YEAR!


Vaughn Berger
Red Square Pools
Las Vegas, Nevada USA

From: “jekloh”
Date: December 22, 2011 7:31:39 PM PST
To: “‘Vaughn Berger'”
Subject: RE: Jerry from Sydney Australia about cloudy pool water

Good Morning Vaughn
Thank you for your prompt and detailed reply

I have tried all that you have suggested and to no avail I have changed the pool water and have also changed the sand in the filter.

Have had the ph checked regularly and have added water clarifier as well but so far no satisfaction. In the mornings the pool looks clear but as soon as I startup the pump it goes milky white.

I have not replaced the spider gasket before and it does look like it needs replacing so Vaughn do you sell spider gasket for a Sta- Rite Multiport Valve



On Dec 23, 2011, at 7:15 AM, Vaughn Berger wrote:


Try this method for testing your water.   See our blog entry:  Testing Your Pool Water Like The Professionals

This method will give you the most accurate results. Make sure to get a Taylor DPD Test Kit from your local pool store. I am beginning to think the test method you are currently using to determine water chemistry is the problem. Kits older than 1 year and/ or exposed to sun should be discarded and replaced. If you’re taking water to a pool store to get water tested, sample should be taken 18″ below pool surface and immediately taken for testing. Leave sample out of sun as this can affect test results.

Replacing a gasket will not address turbid water. However, if your gasket should need to be replaced we’d be happy to send you one. I would consider, however, calling your local pool stores first to source parts to avoid shipping charges from the USA.

Red Square Pools serving S. Nevada, Las Vegas, Henderson & Summerlin.  Services include weekly cleaning, repair, equipment sales, acid wash and tile cleaning.

Vaughn Berger
Red Square Pools
Las Vegas, NV


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