Swimming Overflow Systems for Today’s Athletes

Swimming pool overflow systems are a fundamental element of today’s competitive swimming world. Perimeter overflow pool systems provide smoother water surface for better swimming times. ADG provides perimeter overflow pool systems that are designed to capture and retain surface water turbulence resulting from competitive swimming activities. Whitten Commercial Pool Product’s Uniflow II gutter system is part of the swimming pool overflow technology that provides a smoother water surface that has been proven to result in better times for swimmers.

Modern Stainless Steel Perimeter Recirculation Systems, or gutters, are designed to deliver a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution to skimming water and contaminants from the pool surface as well as returning filtered water to the pool. In the case of competition pools the inclusion of a surge recovery system adds in the capability to keep the surface water as flat and as fast as possible by absorbing surface surge into the system.

How Do Perimeter Overflow Systems Make a Fast Pool?

Whitten’s Perimeter Overflow Pool System provides today’s athletes with a “fast pool”. Properly-sized Uniflow II gutters are designed to capture and retain the surface water turbulence created during competition swimming. This provides a smoother water surface, which is universally known to better swimmer’s times.

  • The Uniflow II Gutter System prevents swimming pool overflow by capturing and retaining surface water turbulence thus providing a smoother water surface.
  • The Uniflow II PVC supply conduit eliminates the need for extensive buried perimeter piping and insures proper filtered and treated water distribution

prevents water that in many cases is actually leaking from the pool, which could be undermining the integrity of the pool itself and even adjacent structures.

First-Rate Perimeter Overflow Pool Systems Prevent Leakage Increasing Efficiency & Lowering Costs

The Whitten® Uniflow II PVC supply conduit also eliminates the significant and often hidden problems associated with stainless steel supply tube gutters. It is well known that welded stainless steel supply tube gutters are subject to crevice corrosion in hidden welds, which allows pressurized swimming pool overflow to leak out of the pool system. If this heated and treated pool water leaks from the pool, this can be a costly expense.

Perimeter Overflow Systems That Give You a Competitive Advantage

Technological advancements in swimming pool overflow systems have been a critical factor in keeping ahead of the competition. ADG provides an Exclusive Patented Unitized Installation Option for your perimeter overflow pool system, which offers the following competitive advantages:

  • Creates Seamless Pool Finish
    Whitten’s® exclusive and patented Unitized Installation Option allows pool overflow system designers to carry the primary finish onto the face of the gutter (e.g. tile, plaster, painted concrete, etc.) It provides a means to make the pool’s finish seamless, nearly to the swimming pool rim of the gutter.
  • Eliminates the Need for Troublesome Sealant Joint Between the Gutter and the Pool Wall
    Not only does this patented perimeter overflow system installation provide for a more aesthetically pleasing installation but the troublesome sealant joint, which can allow significant leakage, between the base of the gutter and the top of the concrete pool wall is completely eliminated, thus reducing ongoing maintenance.
  • Pool Overflow System is Easy to Maintain with Whitten’s One-Piece Uni-Grate
    Whitten® one-piece Uni-Grate – provides a clean “look” while being easy to maintain.
  • Remove grate and clean perimeter overflow system without tools and fastening systems
  • Provides variable open area to fit all designer/code requirements

Swimming pool overflow systems that are cutting-edge and professionally installed provide long-term return on investment. Increased efficiency of perimeter overflow systems using the latest technology upgrades your pool’s reputation to that of a “fast pool”.

Over the years the primary reasons for specifying gutter systems, their proper sizing and design functions have been compromised by manufacturers and designers alike attempting to make basic systems adaptable to all pools without due understanding and consideration of varying flow rates, pool size, pool use and the basic benefits of a custom perimeter recirculation system.

The Whitten Uniflow II delivers a properly sized solution that requires single supply and collection points with a very short run of piping to the mechanical system and no buried perimeter piping. With a variety of custom forms available, there is a Uniflow II Stainless steel gutter that is easily custom tailored far any commercial pool functional requirement.


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