Chemicals used in Swimming Pools:
Proper water chemistry is essential to maintaining safe and consistent swimming pool operation. Chemicals used in swimming pools include: Disinfectants to destroy harmful or otherwise objectionable organisms; Alkalinity and pH Adjusters to maintain a consistent acid-base relationship and acid buffering capacity; Chlorine Stabilizer to prevent unnecessary loss of chlorine; Algicide to kill and prevent algae, and Filter Aids to help remove foreign material. Following is a discussion of various factors which affect water chemistry, how they affect swimming pools and how to use pool chemicals to restore a properly balanced water chemistry.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

After a pool has been in use for a time, dissolved solids may begin to accumulate. These unfilterable solids include body wastes, suntan lotion, stabilizer, chlorines, algicide, dirt, pollen, etc. Normally this is less of a problem with outdoor pools because of rain water and no use during winter months. Heavily used indoor pools sometimes have a buildup of dissolved solids requiring draining the pool and refilling with fresh water. Most pools should be drained after 3 to 5 years. Ideally pool water contains under 2,000 ppm total dissolved solids.


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