A pool or spa safety cover is a manual or motorized barrier that can be placed over the water’s surface, and is easily opened or closed.
Pool and spa safety covers are a great way to pool safely, because visually they say, “not open” for use to curious children. Safety covers for pools can be manual or motorized, while covers for spas are generally manual.

When a safety cover is properly in place over the pool or spa, it provides a high level of safety for children less than 5 years of age by inhibiting their access to the water. To maintain that high level of security, it’s important to remove ladders and slides when using covers on pools.

 Recommendations on Safety Covers

  • Power and other safety covers should conform to the specifications in ASTM F 1346-91. This standard specifies safety performance requirements for pool covers to address labeling requirements and performance.
  • A cover should withstand the weight of two adults and a child to allow a rescue if an individual falls onto the cover.
  • A pool cover should also be able to be easily and swiftly removed from the water to respond to emergencies.

View the Pool Safely educational video on pool and spa covers.


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