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By Scott Webb    May 31, 2011 9:43 AM

In a surprising reversal, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled perhaps as many as one million previously approved drain covers. The move came after questions were raised about the testing methods used in the original approval process.

The enormity of the recall effort was not lost on Scott Wolfson, CPSC public affairs director, in his announcement. “We know this is a very difficult message to share with the public as we roll into Memorial Day weekend, but better to address this now than in the middle of the swim season when a child was hurt on one of these recalled drains”

Essentially, the issue came down to flow rate through the covers. The CPSC said in a statement that the recalled drain covers “were incorrectly rated to handle the flow of water through the cover, which could pose a possible entrapment hazard to swimmers and bathers”

This means that a large number of drain covers which were installed during the VGB compliance period will have to be replaced, which is likely to produce a great deal of work for the same pool companies that installed these drain covers the first time around. The source of funding for the labor costs to switch the drain covers is not yet clear.

The following eight manufacturers were named in the CPSC announcement as part of the recall: A&A Manufacturing, AquaStar Pool Products, Color Match Pool Fittings, Custom Molded Products, Hayward Pool Products, Pentair Water Pool and Spa, Rising Dragon Plastics and Waterway Plastics.


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