If you want to become a better swimmer there are 3 concepts you can use to achieve your maximum results in the pool. They are technique, practice, and goal setting. In this article I will explain these concepts, and show how this will make you a better swimmer.

The most single part of being a better swimmer is technique. Having a good technique in the pool is essential to achieving your goals. You might ask what does having technique have to do with anything? The answer is everything.Most people when they swim in the pool don’t know the proper techniques to achieve maximum results in the water. I’m going to use the freestyle stroke as an example. When doing the front crawl or freestyle stroke it is important to make sure your body is completely streamlined. Your power to get through the water comes from your legs and hands. Using your legs make sure they are straight and flutter kick with your feet. Make sure your hands each time they enter the water use the least resistance as possible. In other words your cutting into the water with your hands. When your arms and hands are in the water doing the motion of the freestyle stroke it is important that your hands are cupped, so you are using the force of the water to propel you forward. Proper technique is important because it will cut down on your swim times and you are using the least amount of force possible to move you forward. Once you have your technique down then we need to practice.

Growing up as a swimmer the single most important phrase I heard was practice, practice, practice.  As a swimmer the more you practice in and out of the pool it sets you up to become a great swimmer.There is no substitute for practice. When you practice you improve on your technique, your endurance, and your best times in the water. Endurance here is key, because to become a good swimmer you need to have endurance. Regardless if you can swim up and down the pool twenty times you need to learn how to swim up and down the pool two hundred times at maximum speed. When we’re competing in the pool it’s important that we don’t tire out easily and we have just as much stamina at the end of the race as we did in the beginning. It’s not how you start it’s how you end a race. Now that we have our endurance down our next step is motivation.

What’s your motivation to become a better swimmer? For each of us, this question might be different but we need to ask ourselves so we can achieve our ultimate goal whatever that might be. Your motivation has to come from within as a swimmer. When your in the pool you aren’t depending on anyone else to get you through the water. The only person you have is yourself and the only thing that can get you through is your determination through motivation. So you have to find out whats going to motivate you so you can achieve your goals on and out of the water.

Having a good technique is very important because it’s going to help you get through the water faster. Practice can only make you better and in the long run it builds up your endurance. Whatever your motivation is, is going to help you not only train better, but also help you achieve your goals. Put these concepts to use in the pool, and enjoy success in the water.


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