Effortless Installation. Continual Gratification.

MSRP: $1,546.00
Price: $949.00
You Save$597.00 (39 %)

The Jandy / Zodiac AquaPure Ei delivers the ultimate swimming experience without the hassle. With simple do-it-yourself installation, in about 15 minutes you can have soft, silky water, free of the annoying and harmful effects of conventional chlorine. And since it sanitizes automatically, you’ll spend less time worrying about your pool and more time enjoying it.

The AquaPure Ei has been designed with one goal in mind: to make chlorinating domestic swimming pools as easy as possible. From installation and set-up, right through to operation and maintenance, the AquaPure Ei makes salt chlorination easy. It is ideal for those pool owners looking to trade-up from manual chlorine dosing or basic single polarity (non self-cleaning) chlorinators.

To install the AquaPure Ei, just drill a couple of holes and drive in a couple of screws. The compact design and patented ‘quick fit’ clamping system mean that the Ei can turn your current manual chlorine pool into a safe, healthy saltwater pool on almost any filtration system. If you already have a salt pool and are looking to replace your old chlorinator, the AquaPure Ei will easily fit onto your existing plumbing. You don’t even need to take the old cell off. Just disconnect the power to the old unit, install the  AquaPure unit alongside the old cell, plug it in and you are ready to go.

A simple, intuitive menu control makes operation easy as well. Simply set the clock and timers, add salt and you’re done. Within 15 minutes you will have your new AquaPure Ei up and running. With just the touch of a button you can increase the chlorine output depending on how many people are in the pool or any other factors such as heat/rain etc.

The AquaPure Ei cell is equipped with true reverse polarity electrode plates. This means that any ongoing maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum as the unit performs a self-cleaning cycle every few hours.

Vaughn Berger (Owner, Red Square Pools)
(702) 530-7331

About Red Square Pools

Thank you for checking out our blog...we appreciate you taking the time to read our posts. To be quite honest, our posts come from your questions. Red Square Pool's wants to clear up the confusion and frustration of maintaining your pool and spa. We simply want to make Pool Maintenance and Repair SIMPLIFIED!! Let us know what your thinking by dropping us an email at info@redsquarepools.com. Have a safe and happy swimming experience!

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