Green Pools? New Technology Makes Pools More Energy Efficient and Saves Pool Owners Money

Variable speed pool pumps, superior cleaners and LED lights use dramatically less electricity than conventional technology.

New technology from Pentair Water Pool and Spa® is providing pool owners the means to dramatically lower their utility costs while making their pools easier to maintain.

“For our customers, owning a pool is a dream come true,” said Vaughn Berger, owner of Red Square Pools. “And that dream should be as worry-free as possible.  That’s why we recommend equipment that is going to make a pool easier to maintain but is also as energy efficient as possible.  It’s important that pool owners know that there are new technologies available to lower the operating costs of their pools.”

Berger recommends technology such as the IntelliFlo® VS+SVRS variable speed pool pump, which combines the latest safety features with a proprietary technology capable of delivering energy savings of up to 90 percent over a standard pump.  Another new technology, Pentair’s IntelliBrite® white LED pool lights, uses only 70 watts to create the same light output as a typical pool light does at 500 watts.  The powerful Legend® II inground pool cleaner picks up 60% larger debris than a standard cleaner while using less energy.

The same energy-saving technology used in hybrid cars

Incorporating technology borrowed from hybrid cars and decades of industrial hydraulic applications, Pentair’s breakthrough IntelliFlo variable speed pump has been heralded by experts across the country as an ideal solution for making a pool more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

A standard pool pump alone uses more energy annually than any other appliance in the home, even in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic regions where pool seasons are shorter. The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that upgrading to a pump such as the IntelliFlo can reduce pool pumping costs by up to two-thirds—an estimated annual savings of approximately $250 for a four-month pool season.  Pentair reports customer savings as high as $1,360.

The IntelliFlo uses the same permanent magnet motor technology found in hybrid cars to reduce energy over a standard electric motor. Its proprietary software and digital controls allow it to be custom programmed for optimal performance for possible savings up to 90 percent. In practice, optimal speeds tend to be slower speeds, so the pump will run longer at lower speeds, a formula that is more energy efficient, quieter, and better for associated equipment such as filters and chlorinators.

Especially when combined with other energy-saving equipment such as LED lights or the Legend II inground pool cleaner, technology such as the IntelliFlo pump can make owning a pool easier and more affordable.

To learn more about the potential cost savings available with Pentair technology visit or email us at:

Vaughn Berger (Owner, Red Square Pools)

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