Large Water Features for Pools


Hello, I have a pool with a fairly large waterfall. I currently run a 5 HP motor which I think is too large. I just placed an order for the Intelliflo VS. Would this pump be sufficient to pump the water thru the waterfall? Also, what else do I need to install this pump. I currently have an “old school timer”, the one with the yellow circle.  Do I need anything else?  Thank you.  (Manuel, posted 1 week ago)

Answer from Red Square Pools:

If your water feature was originally designed with a 5 HP pump your plumbing is likely 4 inches in diameter. You need a high flow pump in order to drive water through the plumbing and therefore may not achieve enough flow.  You will, however, save far more money in your electric bill.  It is imperative you have a pool professional determine the rate of flow (gallons per minute) required for minimal operation of your water feature.  If you have multiple pipes feeding your feature you may consider placing valves to some of the feeds reducing the flow in some areas while increasing the flow in others.  In this circumstance you might be able to implement a 3HP IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump.

Be very cautious when re-engineering your water features…this could cost you a considerable amount of money in the long run with unfavorable results.

As far as your “old school timer” you have several options. While the current timer may suffice, you may want to consider upgrading your system depending on what features you currently have or plan to install in the future.  Water falls, fountains, pool lighting, landscape lighting, mist systems, audio controls & video surveillance are only some of the features you can add to your pool automation system.  Before you move in this direction, consider WHAT you want to control and HOW you intend on interfacing with your system.  If you are looking for simple ON/OFF functionality…stick with the “old school  dial”  (a.k.a. Intermatic Timer).  If your want to add multiple features to a single control system, then consider looking at a Pentair “SunTouch“, “EasyTouch” or “IntelliTouch” system.

System controllers and remote controls have been designed to be push-button simple, with easy-to-read digital displays and step-by-step menu driven instructions. Talk to your pool professional to choose the right automation system for your pool.

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