Pick up your iPhone and talk to your pool!

Pick up your iPhone® and talk to your pool.

Now you can use your Apple® iPad™, iPhone® or iPod touch®to control all key functions of your pool or spa, from across the deck or around the globe. New software that communicates with the ScreenLogic® interface of your new or existing IntelliTouch® control system is now available as a free download from Apple’s App Store® Once it’s installed, you can control .everything from pool and spa temperatures, to jets, lighting, water features, remote video monitoring, and more—right from your iPhone.No other pool or spa control device offers such convenience.

Imagine using your iPhone to:

  • Easily turn on your spa and set it to the perfect temperature on your way home from work.
  • Control all circuits when you are away—including waterfalls,pool lights, fountains, and more.
  • Use the History page to monitor temperature, pool/spa, heater, and lights from afar.
  • Remotely view live video on up to 4 video cameras around your property (with the optional Video & Lighting protocol adapter PN 520854Z).

On second thought, don’t just imagine it. Take matters into your own hands…no matter where you are.We’ve brought energy savings within easy reach.The Eco Select™ brand designates eco-friendly products that conserve energy, minimize water usage, reduce noise or otherwise contribute to a more environmentally responsible pool system. As the global leader in pool and spa equipment manufacturing, we stand at the forefront in providing greener choices for our customers. We hope you’ll join us in embracing more eco-friendly poolscapes by choosing Eco Select products like this one for your swimming pool.

Want to learn more about this amazing technology?  See below or give us a call.

Apple iPhone, iPad & iTouch App

IntelliTouch Automation System

Vaughn Berger
Red Square Pools
(702) 530-7331

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