Our broad range of pool, spa, and landscape lighting system options can turn pleasant poolside evenings into magical nights in your back yard wonderland. Our lighting systems have been the brand of choice worldwide for nearly 50 years. That’s because we deliver the innovations, quality, reliability, energy-efficiency, and value pool builders and pool owners demand.
Choose from dazzling color-changing lights as well as standard incandescent and halogen lighting for underwater effects, and fiber optics for perimeter and landscape. Plus we offer niches and accessories to complete your pool lighting package.


Our underwater color-changing lighting systems can transform your pool or spa into a luminous nighttime wonder. Choose a constantly changing underwater light show. Or, pause and bathe your pool or spa in a single captivating color.

SAm® for pools and SAL® for spas—the first and still the brightest automatic color-changing halogen lights

IntelliBrite®—the brightest and most efficient underwater LED light available.

Eco Select Choice
LED (Light Emitting Diode) automated color-changing pool and spa lights are the most energy efficient pool and spa lighting option available…reducing energy usage by up to 75 percent! Click here to view all color-changing >>


Standard pool and spa lighting is a must for nighttime pool safety and enjoyment. But their usefulness doesn’t end with simply illuminating darkened pools. Standard pool lights can also enhance your pool and spa’s beauty and help create an inviting backyard environment after the sun goes down.
Our IntelliBrite[R} white LED lighting systems are the new standard for energy efficiency, quality of light and reliability in underwater pool and spa lighting.

Eco Select Brand Choice
LED (Light Emitting Diode) white pool and spa lights are the most energy efficient pool and spa lighting option available…reducing energy usage by up to 86 percent! Click here to view all white >>

Fiber Optics

Fiber optic lights for your pool perimeter create nighttime magic in your poolside environment. Energy-efficient FIBERworks fiber optic energy efficient lighting adds soft illumination for both safety and beauty. Click here to view all fiber optics >>

Landscape & Water Features

Add lighting to draw attention to your water features and landscaping. IntelliBrite® LED color-changing landscape lighting can be synchronized with your IntelliBrite® pool and spa light systems. Click here to view all landscape & water features >>

Niches and Accessories

We offer stainless steel and plastic niches as well as add-on features and accessories for all of our lights. Click here to view all niches and accessories >>



About Red Square Pools

Thank you for checking out our blog...we appreciate you taking the time to read our posts. To be quite honest, our posts come from your questions. Red Square Pool's wants to clear up the confusion and frustration of maintaining your pool and spa. We simply want to make Pool Maintenance and Repair SIMPLIFIED!! Let us know what your thinking by dropping us an email at info@redsquarepools.com. Have a safe and happy swimming experience!

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