Chlorine Tab Tower

Cannonball! Remember jumping in to the pool trying to make the biggest splash?

What you may not remember is the chlorine floater smashing into bits of blue and white plastic because it smashed against the side of the pool.  Not to worry if you install this chlorine tab tower.

The Rainbow™ Models 300 and 320 automatic chlorine/bromine feeders not only save time, but also reduce manual handling of chemicals. They use large or small Trichlor or Bromine slow-dissolving tablets to make sanitizing your new or existing pool or spa easy and automatic. Both install easily on the pressure side of the pump, downstream of the filter and heater.

The freestanding Model 300 and the in-line Model 320 both feature an external fine control valve that lets you adjust the feed rate to meet specific pool or spa requirements. The 300 is ideal for retrofitting existing pools for automatic sanitization.

The 320 is designed for permanent installation in the return line of new or existing systems, and dispenses sanitizer directly into your pool or spa, downstream of all equipment.

  • Completely enclosed systems—no escaping fumes.
  • Simple, trouble-free designs—no special venting required.
  • Top-loading makes it easy to add chemicals. Also available in clear amber for easy tablet viewing

So next time you get the urge to splash everyone at your next pool party…don’t hold back!  After installing your new chlorine tower you’ll never have to worry about the tab floater ever again.  Forget ’bout It!

Vaughn Berger
Red Square Pools
(702) 530-7331

About Red Square Pools

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