Recently a gentleman named Mike Dewar contacted Red Square through our blog and introduced company and system that I was unfamiliar.  Mr. Dewar represents a company called ECOsmarte.  If you are familiar with this company and have first hand information on its technology please feel free to drop in your comments and feedback.

The value prop for ECOsmarte is the elimination of weekly chlorine and acid to balance water.

ECOsmarte® has the only method that can sanitize your pool or spa without chemicals. Our system costs less than $1 per month to operate, not to mention electrical savings from reduced filtration. Once you install an ECOsmarte® 100% Chlorine-Free System, you will have major savings by eliminating chemical expenses. Each unit comes with an easy installation and operation guide and six months toll free support at 1-800-ION-SWIM

For spas and above ground pools (to 10,000 gallons), we also offer The ECOsmarte® Chemical Free Spa System as an effective low cost solution. The system uses copper ionization, which has a faster and longer kill rate than chlorine or bromine. Just select the ionize button on your control box for 10 minutes to 2 hours each week depending on the size of your spa or above ground pools. Natural oxygen is delivered to your spa at a rate ten times greater than ozone whenever the pump runs.

Use ECOsmarte’s CO2 pH down (rarely if ever does ECOsmarte pool or spa require pH up), and no toxic chlorine, bromine, bacquacil or acid is required. The system pays for itself with no chemical expense over the life of your pool or spa, with no equipment damage due to chemical corrosion. The CO2 has even been shown to buffer pH in acid rains. If you currently use pH adjusters you will eliminate this completely.

If you would like more information regarding ECOsmarte you can contact Mike Dewar via email: or 800-466-7946 (US, Mexico, Canada).

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