Secrets “How To Restore Tile To Original Luster”

By Vaughn Berger

Red Square Pools

Have you ever wondered if you could clean your tile/natural stone and grout in your exterior and interior of your house? Removing years of stains, mineral deposits and weathered surfaces seems almost impossible…unless you know the secrets of tile repair professionals. STEP ONE in restoration is to lift these stains and deposits. There are many products on the market today, some work and others are simply a waste of money. STEP TWO is to seal the surface. The key to any sealer is how it can withstand water, chemicals, general wear & tear, weather, heat and cold overtime. Sealers warranties vary from product to product (3 months – 10 years depending on the manufacturer).

BEFORE - Pool Deck Flagstone

Red Square Pools uses only commercial grade products that can lift the majority of stains and restore your tile and/or stone to its original luster. In our pictures you will see examples of a large casino in Las Vegas that complained about the condition of it stone around the exterior of their pool and spa area. This pool stone is exposed to high heat (120+ degrees Fahrenheit in Summer months), heavy traffic and water/chemical erosion on a regular basis.

STEP ONE for lifting stains and mineral deposits is a 2 PART PROCESS

STEP 1 – PART 1: First we apply a cleaner which is a formulated with an environmentally responsible mineral acid that is user-friendly. Nu-Lift Cleaner does exactly what its name implies it lifts out and removes dirt, alkalinity, efflorescence, hard water deposits, magnesium, and stains from surfaces like grout, natural stone, and concrete without harming or discoloring the surface.

STEP 1 – PART 2: Second we use a stone soap which is a highly concentrated, heavy-duty cleaner formulated for cleaning without harming finished surfaces. Stone Soap is a 100% biodegradable product which does not need to be rinsed off. Stone Soap is a user-friendly, environmentally responsible product that is excellent for cleaning any surface.

STEP TWO is sealing the tile/stone and grout is a 2 PART PROCESS

AFTER - Pool Deck Flagstone

STEP 2- PART 1: Surface must be clean and free from oil, grease and dirt.  (STEP 1: Parts 1 & 2).  Ensure surface is completely dry.  Ensure all joints and cracks are clean, and dry.  I normally allow for a 3-24 hour period of time based upon the ambient temperature and if surface is exposed to sun.  Temperature of surface to be sealed can be between 50 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

STEP 2- PART 2: Next we apply a  polyurethane blend resin to provide the most environmentally responsible, water-based sealer available in today’s market. This Urethane top sealer is a high quality, multi-faceted product. It dries clear, creating a gloss look as it simultaneously seals, dust proofs, and protects.   This one-of-a-kind gloss finish topcoat provides a durable barrier resistant to stains and chemicals while providing a polished look for exterior and interior use.  Based upon the desired level of “glossy” finish, will determine how many coats we apply.  NOTE:  Products we use have a low V.O.C.  property thereby exceeding CA laws.

Under normal conditions cure time is 4 hours.  If we are sealing an area subject to vehicle or foot traffic we allow for a 24 hour period for cure time.  Our  products have a manufacture warranty of 10 years for normal wear conditions.  In the examples above we recommend an annual seal to maintain the look and continuity of the surface.

Vaughn Berger

Red Square Pools

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  1. Dave says:

    Another tip is to perhaps change out the pools liner to a new one. This will provide the best updated pool look.

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