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The  robot pool Zodiac Vortex 3a best seller in 2010 electric robot pool by the French manufacturer and leader Zodiac. Zodiac is innovative with the Vortex 3 the first robot pool has proprietary technology and patented Cyclone(15 patents). The robot pool Zodiac Vortex 3 is designed for pools 12x5m max. 2 years warranty.

  • 1st pool robot patented with Vortex™ technology : powerful and continuous cyclonic suction throughout the cleaning cycle. The Vortex Effect creates an immensely powerful whirlpool inside the filter. The debris remains in suspension thus avoiding the filter becoming clogged.
  • Choice of 2 cleaning cycles : “Bottom only” mode: 1.30 hrs : “Bottom & walls” mode: 2.30 hrs
  • Wider suction opening adapted to all types of debris
  • High-speed rotating brushes
  • Rear jet for enhanced propulsion and adherence
  • Large capacity filter chamber : the debris is collected in a separate chamber located on the top of the appliance. It only takes one click to empty it.
  • Easy to remove from the water(front handle + rear evacuation)

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  1. One big selling point for robotic cleaners is that when you’re running one, you can turn off your main pool pump. A lot of new customers don’t realize that.

    Robotic cleaners have a bag inside that collects all the debris, so none of that goes to the customer’s filter. That means they don’t have to backwash, which saves them even more on their water bill. They’re also saving money on chemicals, because as a robotic cleaner runs, it circulates the pool’s water — and the chemicals in it — more than a pump alone does. So you see fewer problems related to poor circulation, like algae and scaling.

    So we pitch robotic cleaners mainly in terms of the chemical savings, and the amount of wear and tear they’ll save on the system. Most people don’t like running their pool pumps all the time anyway, because it’s so loud. So if they can turn the pump off at night and run a robotic cleaner instead, and they’re saving money on water and chemicals on top of that, it makes the pool much more enjoyable to own.

  2. google says:

    I liked your article is an interesting technology
    thanks to google I found you

  3. steve says:

    This product has more design errors than anything else i’ve ever encountered.
    i have a 12×6 pool with steps and a slight incline.
    In less than 12 months i’ve had 3 total failures 2 wiring issues and a motherboard failure – only runs 1 setting.
    Aside from that – the vortex idea is flawed
    1.It starts off 2 fast – each time it hits the small slope in my pool it takes off.
    2. it kicks out so much water from the back it blows dirt off the bottom everywhere.
    3. when it goes up the side it blows out even more dirt from below.
    4. If the pool is really dirty – as at the start of the season it fills the bag in 2 minutes and after cleaning it doesn’t restart, it starts again
    5. It constantly tries to climb out of the pool.
    6. It contantly wraps the cable around its wheels.
    7. It constantly twists the cable.
    8 – any problem the only option is to totally restart the cycle even if it only had minutes to go.
    Many more issues but i’m bored now.
    Final thing – its a f**king pool robot aimed at the France (French made), Spanish, Portuguese markets and a little sticker on the back says avoid sunlight
    Total crap – i wouldn’t want one as a gift never mind the 1500euros price tag

    • Steve,

      Thank you for your candid feedback on this device. This is exactly why we created this blog in the first place. We rely on feedback from actual users on new and existing technology. I hope you swing by again to give everyone more informed opinions related to your pool equipment experiences.

      Vaughn Berger
      Red Square Pools
      Las Vegas, NV USA

      • Bernie says:

        Hi, what about the question? You have only thanked the guy for complaining? My zodiac is constantly trying to climb out of the pool, it’s a pain in the neck and friends with much cheaper cleaners don’t seem to have any f these problems.

      • Bernie,

        We appreciate candid feedback from our readers simply because it provides pool owners a forum to hear “real-life” results on thousands of products in the market.

        I have two recommendations that I use often….

        1. If a product is not performing properly call the distributor or retail store you purchased the product and ask about their return policy.
        2. I always call the manufacturer to explain my problems and get a diagnosis and eliminate user error.

        If your device is crawling out of the pool it likely has more to do
        with your pool design than the Vortex itself. Manufactures build and test products for the traditional pool. These days builders are creating beautiful masterpieces in landscape and pool design. Each body of water has essentially a different DNA. In my experience we’ve discovered there is rarely one device or solution that is applicable to every pool…the only constant is water.

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