BioNova Natural Swimming Pool

BioNova Natural Swimming Pool

BioNova® Natural Swimming Pools


BioNova® Natural Swimming Pools are built to operate using the same principles and functions that Mother Nature uses to clarify and purify natural ponds, streams and lakes.

A Natural Swimming Pool consists of deep, middle and shallow water zones. In each of these zones are plants, which help with the cleaning of the pool and which create the climate for an ideal mix of microorganisms. These plants are bedded in gravel and other special aggregates and water from the Natural Swimming Pool is pumped through these zones so that microorganisms and other small life forms become permanently embedded and help clean the water. Special patented eco-friendly technology is used to enhance Mother Nature’s natural processes. The basis of this biological cleaning process is the use of plants in connection with a patented biological filtration and hydraulic system. The surface water is cleaned with the help of skimmers and overflow gutters.

BioNova® has set the milestones in technological developments. The “swimming” and regeneration” zones in the Natural Swimming Pool can be

united, or the regeneration zone can be

either partially or completely separated from the “swimming” part of the pool. One half of the pool can be for swimming and the other half for regeneration

and cleaning. Through the use of special skimmers and the downstream biological filter, the natural cleaning effect is enhanced.

The design of the separated regeneration zone allows it to function like a natural

reservoir for the

biological cleaning process. The energy-efficient pumps do not operate 24/7, but at intervals throughout the bathing season. Overflow gutters can be replaced by skimmers that operate independent of the water level. Because of the variety of construction options, you can design a Natural Swimming Pool that realizes your dreams for both aesthetics and functionality, and we can offer a solution adapted to your budget.

The many years of successful experience of BioNova® in the design and construction of large scale public Natural Swimming Pools, means that we offer a reasoned and mature approach to this exciting technology. This gives BioNova® a genuine advantage when considering the design and construction of a residential Natural Swimming Pool in your backyard.

Q. How is the water treated?
A. The water is treated biologically. There are no chemicals used, nor are there any devices used that would disinfect or sterilize the water. The movement of the water through the biological filter, the action of the aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in the filter and regeneration zone, as well as the plants feeding hydroponically on the water is how the water is cleaned. This is pure Mother Nature cleaning and clarifying water. We are simply building an environment that allows her to do what is natural – and – enhancing that environment with design techniques and energy-efficient technology.
Q. How big does the regeneration zone need to be?
A. There are technically 5 different “types” of NSPs and they differ depending on the exact design of the swimming zone and the regeneration zone, however a good rule of thumb is that the regeneration zone should be approximately equal in size to the swimming zone.
Q. Can I heat the pool?
A. Yes – how much you can heat it, depends on your climate and on the time of the year. BioNova Natural Pools tend to be warmer than traditional pools, because the regeneration zone is relatively shallow and acts as a passive solar collector. Ask your BioNova® Dealer Partner for details on heating in your area.
Q. What about mosquitoes?
A. Because a BioNova® Natural Pools’ water is in motion, mosquitoes are not a problem as they do not breed in moving water.
Q. Do these pools cost more than traditional pools?
A. In general yes.  These pools cost about the same per square foot as a traditional chemical pool but because these pools are larger they will tend to cost more.  Additionally, natural pools need to have the aquatic plants acquired and installed, however on-going operational costs are lower over the years as no chemicals are needed and energy consumption is much lower than for a chemical pool.  Finally, it should be considered that the NSP is a swimming pool AND a water garden.
Q. Can we have fish in the pool?
A. No, although fish would love to live there.
Q. Will there be algae?
A. Yes, algae is a natural plant and an NSP will always have some algae in it. We control algae by using the correct aquatic plants for the climate, as well as using mechanical removal of algae.
Q. What kind of maintenance is required?
A. Some maintenance is the same as for a traditional, chemical pool. We need to periodically empty and clean skimmer baskets, empty and clean pump baskets, vacuum the pool and clean the filter. Water garden maintenance is also necessary – removing unwanted plants, trimming and maintaining existing plants and cutting them back at the end of the season
Q. We have freezing weather in the winter, what about winterization?
A. In cold climates, the NSP needs to be treated just like any other pool, i.e., the plumbing lines need to be winterized, and the pump and filter drained. The swimming zone can be covered with a winter cover and the regeneration can be covered with a BioNova mesh to prevent leaves and other debris from entering the area.
Q. What is the minimum size for an NSP?
A. We do not recommend NSP’s smaller than 535 square feet in total.  Consult your BioNova® Dealer Partner for details on correctly sizing an NSP.
Q. Who designs and  builds my pool?
A. Your pool can be designed in a number of different ways including your BioNova® Partner or a trained landscape designer working closely with you and BioNova® to meet your aesthetic criteria.  To find your local BioNova® Partner, Click Here.

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