Green Pool?  Simple Solution!

By Vaughn Berger
Red Square Group, February 2011


So your pool’s green, what should you do?  The first thing you DON’T want to do is go to your local pool store. If you choose this route you will leave with an empty wallet and excessive chemicals in your pool.

TIP #1:  DRAIN your pool and/or spa.

TIP #2:  WARNING: Never drain a pool when experiencing high temperatures over 90 degrees or strong winds as this can dry out your plaster causing the surface to crack.

TIP #3:  NV RESIDENTS: Don’t drain pool water into the street, gutters or storm drains this is a  violation of local codes and you could be cited for water waste.Draining your pool into the sewer system allows water to be treated and reused.

Go to your local Home Depot or Lowes and rent a submersible pump and hose.  They typically rent for $60-75 for a 1 day rental.  Find your sewer clean-out port which is often located in front of the house in the flower bed one foot from the foundation.  What you’re looking for is a 3-4″ cap (see examples below) affixed to the top of a pvc pipe that rises vertically from the ground.  If you have desert landscaping, you may discover the sewer cap is buried under rocks or conveniently hidden behind a bush. Happy hunting.

Place the at least 12″ of hose end into the sewer drain and then run the hose back to the pool edge.  Be careful to roll out the hose flat, making sure to remove any twists or kinks in hose. Any twists will prohibit water flow once the pump is on. Take the pump and connect to an extension cord long enough to run back to a GFI protected outlet.  (Normally any outlet outside should be wired to a GFI according to national building codes.) Now take the extension cord and pump cord first knotting them together before plugging into each other.  Before lowering the pump into the water it is always good to secure the extension cord to an immovable object bearing in mind that the plug needs to be a safe distance from the pool edge.

Lower the pump into the deepest part of the pool, closest to the floor drains.  Once pump is secure and upright, plug the pump in to the outlet to power the pump.

Keep an eye on the hose as it fills, you may notice the hose is bent which prohibits the flow.

How many hours does it take to empty a pool? There are several variables that will increase time. Consider distance to drain, capacity of pump, leaks in hose, gallons in pool, etc. Nonetheless, while your pool is emptying, consider all the money your saving in wasted chemicals…now don’t you feel smart!

Now that the pool is empty here are a few more words of advice.

Inspect the surface of your pool and/or spa. Did the algae that caused the water to turn green stain the gunite? Before filling your pool, you may want to consider applying an acid wash or chlorine wash to the surface to reduce or eliminate visible strains. When considering an acid wash it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you seek the advice of an experienced pool professional as muriatic acid can have detrimental affect on your bare plaster if not properly applied. If a pool has visible cracks, pock marks, or has had 2 or more acid washes in the past, you may want to reconsider ACID WASHING your pool. In this circumstance, you may wish to consider Power Washing stains or a milder chlorine bath. Again, I implore you to seek the counsel of a skilled pool professional before embarking on a DIY acid wash.

VIDEO  “How to DRAIN your pool”

Please call the Southern Nevada Health District at (702) 759-0571 if you have questions. Call the appropriate municipality for other questions about draining your pool.
Municipal Pool Contacts

City of Las Vegas 702-229-6615
Boulder City 702-293-9229
Clark County 702-455-4191
Henderson 702-267-5900
Laughlin 702-298-3113
Mesquite 702-346-5237
North Las Vegas 702-633-1484

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