Pool Pump Sound

Have you ever wondered why your pump motor is making a strange sound or appearing to vibrate? The answer is likely Cavitation

Cavitation occurs when the impeller is starved for water and cannot maintain the discharge requirements. The sound of the pump changes when it is cavitating. In severe cases the pump and motor may vibrate. The pool operator must check the obvious reason for cavitation:

  • Debris in the skimmer basket.
  • Debris in the hair and lint basket.
  • A Dirty vacuum filter.
  • (#1 REASON) Partially closed or restricted suction line (either one or both valves for main and/or skimmer are restricted).
  • A throttling valve on the effluent line not properly restricted.
  • A leak in the plumbing on the vacuum side of the circulation system.
  • Plumbing PVC feeding the pump (vacuum side) may be too short reducing flow (PVC should extend horizontally 6-8 inches/min. in front of pump)

Cavitation is a symptom of a problem and a professional pool repair company can easily identify ways to resolve the issue. If allowed to continue, cavitation may result in serious damage to the pump, motor or both.

Red Square Pools
Vaughn Berger
Persident / Founder


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  1. Bob says:

    My pump suffers from cavitation when I vacuum. What can I do to fix the problem?

    • If your pump cavitates while vacuuming simply open your Jandy Valve to allow water to be drawn from a secondary source (i.e. main drain or skimmer). This allows the pump to draw more water and work at its optimum capacity. You will hear a distinct change in sound as the pump no longer hums. If you have any other questions or your system is designed differently please let me know as I’m happy to assist in any way possible. Have a great swimming season!

      Vaughn Berger
      Red Square Pools (Las Vegas, NV)
      (702) 530-7331

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