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I was asked this question this weekend and wanted to get any answer out to everyone. Yes, it is possible to convert your pool to salt water. The big attraction to converting to salt is the water is softer and tends not to dry out your skin since. The additional benefit is you no longer have to add chlorine to your pool as the chlorinator converts the salt to chlorine.

First, you will need to drain your pool and fill with fresh water. In Las Vegas this will cost you approximately $75-$100 for an average pool of 15,000 gallons.

Second, you will need to purchase a saltwater chlorine generator (Pentair IntelliChlor System – approx. price is $1,200.00)and have it wired to the 220V that your pump is currently connected. When the pump turns on, so will your chlorinator.

Third, adding the salt. I recommend you buy pool salt from a pool store as the salt is more refined and dissolves faster. PLEASE NOTE: If the directions call for TEN 40 lb. bags (i.e. 15,000 gallon pool) I recommend adding EIGHT bags initially and testing your waters sodium chloride range. You would need to bring your pool salt content up to 3,000 ppm. You don’t want add too much salt otherwise you may have to drain some of the water and add fresh water to dilute. AquaChek makes salt test strips that are easily find at your local pool store.

As your water maintains a constant temperature above 65 degrees Fahrenheit , the chlorinator goes to work converting the sodium chloride in the water to chlorine when the water passes through the electrically charged plates in the chlorinator. As the chlorine breaks down naturally in the pool (due to bather load, sunlight, organic matter, etc.) the chlorine levels are maintained and managed at the chlorinator control panel.
Please don’ forget to test you water weekly to maintain proper pH and Alkalinity levels. Although your pool is now generating chlorine, it is still a good idea to check weekly….especially here in Las Vegas where wind, acid rain, bather load, etc. conditions can drastically change the chemistry of the pool. Insist on making sure your pool service is testing your water regularly and making sure to balance your pool and spa water.

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    There are many options when choosing a salt chlorination system. For those looking for an alternative to Pentair and Hayward, check out another real contender made by SGS Chlorinator. We’ve installed hundreds of these chlorinators in Las Vegas and the continue to out perform some of the name brand contenders out there. They were originally designed for commercial swimming pools and the industry secret is the residential specs are the exact same. I discovered this brand back in 2009 and have been impressed year afer year on the reliability of this system.

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