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Commercial grade design and easy to maintain.

BREEZE_540_35756__17527__37362__15069.1411600826.1280.1280Looking for salt chlorination options other than Pentair and Hayward?  Check out SGS.  RedSquare has installed hundreds of these units since 2009 and hands down it has been the most dependable and reliable salt chlorination so far.  If you are looking for a system that is easy to install and independent of your existing pool equipment configuration, then consider SGS Chlorination.

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How to convert your pool to Salt Water

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There are many options when choosing a salt chlorination system. For those looking for an alternative to Pentair and Hayward, check out another real contender made by SGS Chlorinator. We’ve installed hundreds of these chlorinators in Las Vegas and the continue to out perform some of the name brand contenders out there. They were originally designed for commercial swimming pools and the industry secret is the residential specs are the exact same. I discovered this brand back in 2009 and have been impressed year afer year on the reliability of this system.

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I was asked this question this weekend and wanted to get any answer out to everyone. Yes, it is possible to convert your pool to salt water. The big attraction to converting to salt is the water is softer and tends not to dry out your skin since. The additional benefit is you no longer have to add chlorine to your pool as the chlorinator converts the salt to chlorine.

First, you will need to drain your pool and fill with fresh water. In Las Vegas this will cost you approximately $75-$100 for an average pool of 15,000 gallons.

Second, you will need to purchase a saltwater chlorine generator (Pentair IntelliChlor System – approx. price is $1,200.00)and have it wired to the 220V that your pump is currently connected. When the pump turns on, so will your chlorinator.

Third, adding the salt. I recommend you buy pool salt from a…

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Industry Secret: How to Calibrate Your Pentair IntelliChlor

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Pentair has made some significant design changes to the IntelliChlor Salt Cell.  In my opinion they’ve simplified the front control panel although the verdict is out as to technical changes that have been released.

I’ve been seeking a HOW TO calibrate the IntelliChlor and my sources at Pentair provided this Field Calibration Guide.  Of course, I thought it would be helpful to pass along to our readers.

Apparently this calibration is only applicable to older models as the newer models “do not require calibration”.  This last statement will require further confirmation.  The following calibration

guide is intended for older units that fall below Version 1.9.  To determine the version of your IntelliChlor Salt Cell flip the cell over and look for the label stamped with a bar code.  Look to the bottom left corner of that sticker to identify the version number (see picture).  Chances are the sticker…

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How much salt should I add to my Salt Water Pool?

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Great information from Rob Cox and the pros at!

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Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 9.38.18 AMI want to credit the team as one of the contributing resources for this blog post.  Read more at “Chlorine Generators” by +Rob Cox.

There are two reasons why you would need to add more salt to your pool. If you have drained the pool completely/partially OR your chlorinator control box indicates your levels are low.

The salt level required to maintain a safe, chlorinated pool is about 2500 to 4000 PPM (parts per million). The human body cannot taste salt until the PPM is around 5000. The amount of salt in the pool is not noticeable. Once the salt is added to the pool, there is no need to add salt on a yearly basis unless the pool is drained or a significant amount of water is removed. In order to determine the amount of salt to add to a pool you must know…

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How To Set Up A New Pool Pump

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How to install stage and install a swimming pool and spa pump is not as difficult for the residential home owner. Check out this video for some helpful tips.

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DIYFor those that prefer to DIY this is an instructional video HOW TO properly stage and plumb the Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump.  Send us your feedback as we are very interested in releasing similar HOW TO VIDEO like this one.

Vaughn Berger

How To Set Up A New Pool Pump from GetPoolSecrets on Vimeo.

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